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Appearance of the graphic interface
Procedures of use
Using a lamp to paint the vertexPaint
Using a script to paint the vertexPaint with the texture's colors
Recovering the lighting of radiosity
Last modifications
     - Locating the saving directory , 
     - Colors of the lines
     - Improvement of the contours layout
      -Transparency and zoom
      -Displacement of the shape displayed on the screen
      -Many short cuts 
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The original objective of this script was to save a plane picture of the UV coordinates allotted to the selected mesh object.  It was improved  to better visualize UV coordinates and facilitate the positioning of the seams.

Appearence of the graphic interface 

The picture appears in the active python window, surmounted by a certain number of buttons. 


Because of certain characteristics of the vertexcolor's management in blender (they are not allotted the same manner if one uses the UV coordinates or not ), it is important  to follow these operations in the order.

1/ Select a mesh

2/ Allotting UV coordinates passing by the Faceselect mode,  F key of the keyboard.

3/ Selecting a development type for these coordinates with the U key of the keyboard


Using  a lamp to paint  the vertexPaint :

If we push on the VertexCo button , the model takes the colors used to show  the lighting in Textured mode, ctrl-z.

Using a script to paint the vertexPaint with the texture's colors :

import Blender 

Recovering the lighting of radiosity :

Using the old method : see cpl_mesh3d2uv2d_en.htm#Enregistrerunemappederadiosite

Last modifications : 

  • Changing of the surching method to find the current directory because in Blender 2.37 the function Blender.sys.dirname() only send back a simple '.' wich corresponds to os.curdir  but is not usable under window to save a file. 
  • Adding of a button Number to change the color of the lines when the option line is choosen. 64 nuances from the clearer to the darker .
  • The drawing of the triangles has been corrected . they are now all entirely drawn .

  • <> A tally shows the reel limits of the uvmapping  plan (0.0,0.0) to (1.0,1.0) . Thus we can see if the uv coordinates        exceed of this plan. It is proportional to the value of scaling [Sc] that we can modify in the menu  . 
  •  The saving according to the X win max or X uvmax values  wasn't  that precise . Now they are done from the whole surface of the python window .
- Transparencies of the faces
- increasement of the scaling value, a kind of ZOOM


A few additionnal functions, with hereafter the documentation 

The short keys :
M : Display or hide the graphic interface
D : Display or hide this documentation
S : Save the current window in a picture file in tga  format
Q or ESC : Exit, end of the session
T : Activate or deactivate the colors transparency
L : Activate or deactivate the drawing of the layout lines 
E : Activate or deactivate the filling of the drawn faces
B : allot the color of the layout lines on the darker grey
W : allot the color of the layout lines on the white
ARROWS  : displace the displayed model to ,
PLUS,  numeric keyboard : increases the ZOOM
MINOR, numeric keyboard : decreases the ZOOM 
HOME    : erase  size and displacement modifications 

Mouse Button 
RIGHT  : pushed and slided, displace the model  in the window like the arrows do .

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