Main introduction
  Povanim   for  Blender
jean-michel soler 2002 - 2004


Main introduction

Caution ! very important !  Read this before trying to render under povray
- Povanim is an export script project (to discover what are python script)  for "mesh" objects, particularly oriented to regular users of :
  1. Povray 3.5
  2. Povray 3.6
  3. MegaPov 0.7
  4. Megapov 1.0
  5. Megapov 1.1-beta
  6. Mlpov 0.83
  7. <>Unofficial Pov-Sub   blender 2.38)
  8. PVMpov,    Parallel Virtual Machine patch for POV-Ray
renderers .

(Download the script)

It allows: 

    -  full power of povray using a  ".ini" file instead of the ".pov"  : file structures are clearer (you can modify the camera file, for instance, without editing 2 megaoctets of vertex data)  and the data use less space on disk.
    -   to preserve some data like localisation, rotation and size, whereas other scripts only export matrixes...or nothing at all.

  -   take into account the modifications made by animation tools  such as:
  • Armature 
  • Relative Vertex Keys
  • Lattice
  • Vertex Parenting works too
      These 4 possibilities above mentioned are exclusively reserved to Blender 2.23 and later.  So Povanim can not be used with another older  version of this software.
   -  to export the vertex colors assigned with the Blender vertex painting tool blender with uvmapping texture or not
   -  to choose the type of exportation :
  • Povray 3.5/3.6
  • MegaPov 0.7 or 1.0 or 1.1
  • MlPov
  • Pov-sub
  • PVMpov
   - to avoid having to install the full python language on the workstation because Povanim works with the python library delivered with Blender.  
   - to work under:
  •  Linux without having to adjust the script  (in fact under all posix compatible systems: unix and irix included, but not tested)
  • Windows  (win95/98/nt/2000/xp)  .
  • Macintosh Os X 10 with Megapov 1.0
- to detect several errors of camera or version, and to notify them returning an error message in the console.  <>- uvmapping , available from the 10d version, and without any restriction.Technically each face could have a different mapped picture.
- selective exportation of every exportable elements(camera, mesh,lights, etc.)
- layers selection, and full management of the "lightsgroups
- definition of additional effects as "normals" particularly
- choice of the structure of the materials definitions in povray, 
- graphic interface
- controlling animations separeted from the camera,  materials and lighting, ...
- the format of the file : either a group of files equiped ith macros which import data from a text file, or a group of  #include files. 
- transparency (several methods), ambient, diffuse, specs and brilliance effects, enhanced uvmapping  and objects multimapping, ior management, photons tracing...
- Launching of the external render   directly from the graphic interface if the
Adjustement of the global intensity of light

- Auto-bump mapping from uvmapped pictures. 

(and more... this list was not uppdated since 2002.)
             1/ copy  the povanim23x_xx.pyc file and the  in the $blenderhome+'.blender/scripts  directory'

             2/ The last version 241_05 for Windows should find by itself  the Povray executable . For Linux or Mac OS users haver to edit the to change the address of the  'renderer binary folder path' (select the name 'renderer binary folder path' and use the shortkey alt-f to jump to  the correct line). You shoult find a text like this :

# please document : renderer binary folder path

if os.sep=='/': # posix : linux/mac/irix
   prf.povraySubPath="Sorry, this patch does not exist for *nix"
else: # win32 : win98,nt,xp
   prf.povray35Path="F:\\Program Files\\POV-Ray for Windows v3.5\\bin"
   prf.povray36Path="F:\\Program Files\\POV-Ray for Windows v3.6\\bin"
   prf.megapov07Path="F:\\Program Files\\POV-Ray for Windows v3.1\\bin"
   prf.povraySubPath="F:\\Program Files\\POV-Ray for Windows v3.5\\bin"
# please document : renderer binary name
if os.sep=='/': # posix : linux/mac

else:  # win32 . win98/nt/2000/xp

            3/ by default to take in account the improvement of a new script  version, Povanim uses standard settings  but you can  update all of them with the content of a profil file. At the first launching of the script you have to save this profil with the dedicated button . After that, exit  and modify the OVERLOADPROFIL and OLDPROFIL variables (as for the  binary path use the alt-f shortcut to jumpt to  the variable line).

For the official version 2.45
The current form of Povanim is a function library. This library is compiled and must be called by a   "launching" script. These two files are in the archive/record that can be downloaded at this address:

For the SVN win 32 version 2.49b (and after) build with python 2.5 available at

For the official version 2.49b build with python 2.6 :

For future version CVS bf-blender2.33: 
There is an experimental version of Blender which makes enough significant .  In this case it is necessary to use the following files. 

If there is still the version using python 2.2
If there is still the version using python 2.3

Old version,
For the amateurs who have a Blender Publisher 2.23 version, here is a version of Povanim adjusted to this python API of the software :
Povanim pour Blender
Be carefull ! 
The compiled files of the 2.25, the 2.26/2.27 and 2.28/2.3x are different one from the other: 
Download :
Download :

These two versions 2.25 et 2.26/227 are no more longer followed and developped .  A gallery of the current possibilities of Povanim is on this page.



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