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The "" module

Downloading the script 
This script can be used from the Scripts menu of Blender, but you can also launch it alone from the word processing window of blender

AI format restrictions

For the moment, the script doesn't check the data source (thus its' your responsability to give the script a compatible file to compute).  It only reads the file, and pick out the markers that indicate the "Beginning" and the "End". So again, please check the file you give to the script is compatible with the  Adobe PS 2.0 (or 3.0) format not compressed

Compatibility advises

It is possible to use files issued from Illustrator 3.0 to 10.0 except for 9.0 (this last format seems to save only in packed data).

Other compatible sources:

The exports issued from Photoshop 4.0 and Coreldraw 9 seem to be compatibles too.
Tested with export AI from Expression 3.3 in  Adobe illustrator 5.0 and 7.0.

Interpreted codes
Only 'text' files are interpreted. Binary or compressed data are ignored. 

Actions=   { 
                "C" : courbe_vers_c,
                 "c" : courbe_vers_c,
                 "V" : courbe_vers_v,
                 "v" : courbe_vers_v,
                 "Y" : courbe_vers_y,
                 "y" : courbe_vers_y,
                 "m" : mouvement_vers,
                 "l" : ligne_tracee_l,
                 "L" : ligne_tracee_l,

                 "f" : ligne_fermee,
                 "n" : ligne_fermee,
                 "b" : ligne_fermee,
                 "s" : ligne_fermee,

                 "F" : ligne_fermee,
                 "N" : ligne_fermee,
                 "B" : ligne_fermee,
                 "S" : ligne_fermee

To have a more precise import, it is recommanded to use the svg  format.

Micro tutorial for the loading of script

The script offers several import choices. "As is" let the object "paths" to it's original size,  this option may result in an excessive dimension into Blender and can also put the imported object too far from the center of Blender 3D world plane (that means you have to zoom out to see the imported object). The two other options offer a down scaling that should allow to display the object into the visible space. 

The imported object is automatically active, thus you can use the '/' key of the digital pad to display it in a "local" window.


Version 0.1.3

Version 0.1.5/0.1.6

Last corrected problems

Version 0.1.7b

Little problem with S (Stroke) code which does not closepath as the s one .
Version 0.1.7d
        Managhement of the non active command :
BPy error: Callback call failed!
Traceback (most recent call last):
 File "", line 442, in fonctionSELECT
 File "", line 399, in scan_FILE
KeyError: 'F'

      Function passe() was added for   B, F, S et n

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