Light Modification  1/n
  Povanim  for  Blender 
jean-michel soler 2002 - 2004


  Light Modification 1/n
  From Blender
At present, only a few parameters of Blender lights are usable to modify aspect under Povray. This restriction is not only due to the python interface (like in the material panel), there only isn't any equivalent. In the weeks to come, the control options should increase and refine, perhaps in a particular panel dedicated to these operations in the graphic interface.

Old version to 2.3

New interface
Lamp : standard light_source, it is a point light in space that illuminate in all directions.
Spot : like light_source but with spotlight option.
SpotSi :  define the radius of the spot, radius
SpotBl :  define the size of shadowy light,
 tightness et falloff
Sun :   light_source whose rays are cast in the same way thanks to the parallel option.
Hemi:    not used.
quad: Activate the the fade attenuation Shadow or Buf.Shadow: activate or deactivate the shadows casting . If the button is not depressed the option shadowless  is added to the ligh source. 
Halo: Activate the reaction to media.
Square: Activate the use of area_light with the values       :<8, 0, 0> <0, 0, 8> 4, 4, plus adaptative 0, jitter, orient,circular onlyShadow: Active la projection de photons
R: gives the Red value of color rgb
G: gives the Green value of color rgb
B: gives the blue value of color rgb
Energy: multiply color rgb<R,G,B>*Energy
Negative: reverse the sign of Energy
Dist: gives the value for Fade_Distance. Exactly as the Fade_Power the exportation of this value is selected in the graphic interface of Povanim.
Layer : activate the light_group option for all the layers in wich the lamp is used. Not very efficient under megapov wich can manage only one light-group per object, this option is totaly                handled by povray3.5.
Global light control
It is sometimes necessary to modify all the light sources at the  same time. To do so you have to use the button Set Global ight.
This button activates a cursor that you slide to the left or to the right to set the value that will multiply the intensity of lights


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