"finish" Options
  Povanim  for  Blender 
jean-michel soler 2002 - 2004


"finish" options,
Modifying the aspect of exported objects
and "finish" options activables in Blender itself.

2/list of the modifiable materials
3/ Advised parameters
4/ Warning
At present, only a few parameters of Blender materials are usable to modify aspect under Povray
Old GUI :

New GUI :2.30 ->~

Spec: (lower cursor) value specular

Hard: the specular's roughness (0.15*Hard/255)

Ref: (higher cursor, management of the reflection color) diffuse value  (usual value advised:  0.6)

Emit: ambient  value.  if  Emit==0 then ambient==0.1 the Advised value : between 0.3 and 0.2, or 0.0 for radiosity.

Mir.R:  controls the reflection as it is included/understood in povray i.e mirror effect. 
(08/02/2003: On demand of users values are reversed by default, that is to say if Mir.R=1.0  then no reflection effect is exported. On the contrary,if Mir.R is different from 1.0 then the exportation is done by calculating: reflection = 1.0-Mir.R this change is valuable only with the script compatible with the python API of Blender 2.25) 

Mir.G: control the IOR  i.e the refraction in the interior
of the solid and translucent objects. 
if set Default value 2.0.

Mir.B: control the value of the 'Target' option when photons mapping is used.

SpTr: "reflection" maximum (deactivated, works only with povray 3.5/megapov1.0/mlpov0.8)

VCol Paint: constrain to use the colors assigned to summits/vertices of the face instead of material's color of the object..

   This part is available and usable only if VCol Paint is not activated. 

Color R : quantity of Red in face color
Color G : quantity of Green
Color B : quantity of Blue

VCol Light: constrain to use the colors assigned to the vertices of the face and  the material's color.The whole is mixed with the uvmapped texture if there is one.

Only Shadow: suppress all relations between the uvmapped texture and the colors, whatever the color type may be, 
(vertex paint or material's color).

ZTransp : constrain to take into account the transparency value wich is in the Alpha cursor.

   This part can be used only if ZTransp is activated.
Alpha: transmit value, filter  value is equal to 1.0 -Alpha

Env: set photons options, reflection and refraction 

<>Wire: wireframe, exports the model not like a mesh2 but as an an union object of  cylinders .
(to be translated...)
Options globales appliquées à l'ensemble de l'objet mesh si elles se trouvent dans au moins un matériau.

Tracable en position off : ajoute l'option no_image, ce qui fait disparaître l'objet mais pas son ombre ni sa réflexion.

Shadow en position off : ajoute l'option no_shadow, ce qui fait disparaître l'ombre de l'objet.

Zinvert : ajoute l'option no_reflection, ce qui supprime la reflexion de l'objet dans les 

Shadeless: ajoute l'option double_illuminate , ce qui éclaire chaque face recto-verso (alors que normalement, une face qu moins est dans l'ombre puisque opposée à la lumière)
 (to be translated.)

Caution :

<>Those possibilities are temporary, because unfortunately, 
they prevent from using Blender as a quick renderer.
(to understand, just set the Ref value to zero and do F12 to render). 
Only data concerning the color of the object can be exported without changing the appearance of the object, so they will be preserved in the future releases of this plugin. 


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