File Structure 1/n
  Povanim  for  Blender 
jean-michel soler 2002 - 2004


File Structure 1/n For static picture<>.
Working directory of the Blender original file

data sub-directory wich is named...
-> either povanim (povray3.5, 3.6), 
-> or meganim (megapov 0.7,1.0,1.1 and mlpov), 
In this data Sub_directory are located :
  -> 'INI'+basename+'.ini'
IMPORTANT : we can not avoid to use ini file  if we want to preserve data for the blender image sizes
-> 'main'+basename+'.pov' wich contains:

-> global_settings
-> postprocessing (only megapov07, maybe in megapov 1.1 too buit not for the moment)
-> sky_sphere (if a World exists in the Blender file)
-> the Calls "include" to other files 'inc':
-> mesh wich contains, depending on the  caracteristics of the exported object (only the files and are required) : 
---> a call to 'mat'+basename+'.inc'
+ for each mesh2
 --->vertex_vectors: -basename+objectname+''
- basename+objectname+''
- basename+objectname+''
 ---> normal_indices:
---> uv_indices:
 -> lamp
 -> cam
the light_groups (wich are not revalued in case of separated exportation of the Main file).

-> 'cam'+basename+'.inc

-> 'mesh'+basename+'.inc'

-> 'lamp'+basename+'.inc

This way to allocate the files aims two main goals :

1/  allowing to export separatly the different elements of the scene, like the  meshes objects, the materials, the camera or more the lights without having to recompute the whole information
The saving of time might be important. Especially for the meshes.

2/ facilitate the management of the text file that contains the description of the mesh objects , by separating the raw data from the definitions of mesh2 objects (who would like to deal with a 20000 or 30000 lines document that contains only figures , a bit heavy isn't it).


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