the unofficial Patches
In povanim the button of compatibility for megapov became "povray patch compatibility", if it is activated, a menu appears on the right  where one can select "PV_engine_sub" ( this term may change soon perhaps for "Pov-Sub")
This choice makes possible the export in a directory named "subanim" and the call of a file pvengine_sub if one is under window, or povray_sub if one is under linux. It is necessary to have downloaded the file which is at this address:
and to rename  it after the installation in the repertory \bin of povray.

The process of script export  checks if  mesh is  in division of surfaces state:  Subsurf button

If control is positive, it makes the difference between the division employed for real time display ( Subdiv: 0  in the example), and the division of rendering ( 1 ). It gives the result in parameter to the option of subdivision, substeps.
//test on povray subsurf
// Povanim export from : povraysubsurftest , Meshes 

#include ""

//Mesh number: 1
#declare Plane1 = mesh2 {
subdivision { substeps 1}
                      vertex_vectors{ #include ""}
                      normal_vectors{ #include ""}
                      face_indices{ #include ""}
                      normal_indices{ #include ""}

object{ Plane1 



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