"Global Settings" Exportation
  Povanim  for  Blender 
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"Global Settings" Exportation
Including "Global settings"
Standard "Global settings"
"Global settings" modified by the  GUI
Activating a parameter

You can include "Global Settings" in the main file (the file which begins by "main" and owns a ".pov" extention).

This method can be activated by two different ways in the main window of the Graphic User Inteface.

-- either a standard exportation with most of parameters you can find in povray. In fact, a list where every member is presented with a "//" like a povray remark line. User is free, after, to activate this line by hand in a word processor just by erasing these two slashes and modifying this parameters.

-- or using the Graphic Interface. Parameters are available in three windows that are always activated :
The Light Controls windows 1 and 2, and the Global settings for the render wich improve a number of data like anti-aliasing.

However, if you want them to be exported you have to push the local GT button together with Global Settings.

All these parameters are already defined by default in Povray. The script only export the parameters the user has chosen, even if they are not modified.

To select a parameter, just push the button your interested in (it will appear embedded, that means selected). If the exportation option concerning this group is defined (as you can see in the above left example), a cursor-button appears. 

                    radiosity { 
                                    count 500
                                    nearest_count 10
                                    error_bound 0.019999999553
To suppress this choice you have to deactivate the exportation option (As in the right above example) .

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