Material :  Normal effect
  Povanim for Blender
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Material : Normal effect

Adding a "normal" effect to a material (Bump) using the graphic interface and 
the material " builder ".

From the main screen click on [Material]

On the screen Extramaterial, cliqck on [Material Design interface]

You are facing the pigment management screen. Clic [normal] to go through the normals management screen.

To begin, locate teh line "normaltype". Clic the [A] button on the left of this line to activate it .

Push the button databloc  on the right side of the line concerned to see the list of available types. Select the type "lone pattern" that allows to create a normal statement made up of this single element .
Le choix des options a été pensé pour être aussi intuitif que possible, il se fait evidemment en fonction des types de normals offerts par Povray. 
En fait, le choix effectué, les options non valides sont grisées. Le fait de les activer ne changera rien  l'exportation qui de toutes façons, ne le sprend pas en compte. 

Voir les différents tableaux associés aux types.

Then activate the line " Patternlist ". As for the above mentioned process push the dataselect button.  Chose the pattern you want between "leopard" and "spherical" etc.

The patterns "brick","checker","hexagon","gradient" and "average" have their own structure, that's why when selecting them the board that appears is different. Push the button [Add to normallist].

Activate the line Normallist and check that the pattern is really recorded. The script automatically gives a name to each pattern wich is created, to do so, it uses a prefix of three letters it takes from the current object ("nor" for "normal", "pig" for "pigment" etc.), checking that the name is not already used somewhere else in the material creation interface. You can however enter the name of your choice on the line "Name" (without space and avoiding a name already used among the objects you want to export ) .

The menu "normallist" allows you to directly send normals descriptions already created into a "normal_map". Then, an extra panel is displayed in wich you can see the list of the normals cards. The buttons on the right allow to delete the entries, the ones on the left modify their power (a sort of percentage) in the mixture that will be processed by PovRay. Do not forget to click [Add to normallist] to register this normal description in the data base.

To join up the normal wich stands on the line "normallist" to a specific material, just select it in the "Material List" menu and click the [Add] button.

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